Spring in Lisbon 春天,來去里斯本




When you think about going abroad for a holiday, what comes to your mind? Enjoying fine food and weather? Exploring the ancient and modern wonders of a city? You can do all this and more in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.



Upon arriving at the city, your first stop should be the charming neighborhood of Alfama. Its narrow streets wind up a steep hill past cute shops and hip cafés. On top of the hill is St. George’s Castle. In the past, it was a fort for the Romans and a residence for Portuguese royalty. Today it’s a great lookout point for tourists due to its high position.



Baixa, located right next to Alfama, is the heart of the city and a must-visit area. Stroll across Restauradores Square, where bright yellow buildings meet your eyes, and arrive at Rossio Square, with its lively atmosphere and magnificent fountains. Then, head to the tree-lined Liberty Avenue to admire classic buildings and mosaic-tiled pavements.



In Lisbon you won’t lack places for a delicious meal. As many restaurants in the city have outdoor seating, you can enjoy the fine weather while dining on traditional dishes like caldo verde and grilled sardines.


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