S. Korea, NASA to launch joint research on sources of fine dust in Korea - 南韓與美航太總署擬合作研究韓粉塵來源


精英翻譯社轉自: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1276366



South Korea is seeking to team up with the United States’National Aeronautics and Space Administration to pin down the sources of Korea’s fine dust air pollution.



The National Institute of Environmental Research, a research body under the Ministry of Environment, is pushing for the second round of the joint South Korea-US air quality research, following the first carried out with NASA in 2016.



Under the plan, the two countries will use satellite observations to locate the fine dust sources. The second research is likely to start in 2021. The results could give South Korea more power in negotiations with China, which has denied its role in high fine dust levels in South Korea.



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