A Smooth Mix—Ben Bousada 嗅聞犬:生態環境的保護者


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Dogs are known to help humans with protecting farm animals, finding illegal drugs, and rescuing people during natural disasters. But did you know that dogs can also be trained to help protect plants and animals?



Due to their keen sense of smell and their high energy level, dogs can be taught to look for invasive species that endanger local plants and animals. For example, in the United States, over 50 million ash trees have been killed by a particular type of beetle originating from Asia. The females of these insects lay their eggs in the cracks of the tree’s bark. Their young feed on the wood, killing the tree. Since these insects are almost impossible for humans to locate, dogs have been brought in to sniff them out so that humans can take action.



Similarly, dogs protect animals that are endangered by poachers. From shark’s fin to tiger fur, animal products are sold and traded around the world. But dogs’ smelling for these products at borders can make those items harder to sell, which means fewer animals are likely to be killed.


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