Studying for an exam can be extremely stressful. No matter how ready you are, there's always a risk that something bad could happen on exam day. Maybe you get surprised by a question, or you lose your cool and write a bad answer.


Luckily, there are ways to make sure this doesn't happen. It just takes a careful and organized approach to exam preparation. Here are a few important tips to help you succeed:


● Practice on old exams to get the hang of the subject matter.

● 練習考古題,讓自己熟悉學科主題。

● Arrange study groups with your classmates to get their points of view.

● 與同學組讀書會,了解大家的意見。

● Eat foods that support your memory, like fish, fruits, and nuts.

● 攝取有助記憶的食物,例如魚肉、水果和堅果。

● Use visual tools to study, like charts and pictures.

● 運用視覺工具來唸書,例如圖表與圖片。

● Don't always study in the same place.

● 不用總是在同一個場所唸書。

● Study in a clean and quiet area.

● 在整潔安靜的環境唸書。

● Take short breaks to give your mind a rest.

● 不時小憩,讓腦筋休息一下。

● Plan out your exam day so there are no surprises on the way to school.

● 規劃好考試當天的動線流程,避免到校途中出現突發狀況。




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