Real-Life Super Children 得天獨厚的小神童們




We all have talents, skills, and things we are especially good at doing. However, some youngsters have developed amazing abilities that average people just can't compare withChild prodigies are able to understand and do difficult tasks at an adult level, even though they are much younger. One example is Mozart, who started composing his own music when he was only five years old. Most children at his age are only learning the basics of playing the piano.



One reason child prodigies are able to learn so well is because of their memory. They use long-term memory more often, which keeps information in their minds for a longer duration. By doing this, they learn how things are connected better and build knowledge on top of knowledge. It has also been found that the strong emotions they have for the things they love excite the cerebellum. This makes it easy for information to come in rapidly and be storedquickly.



It has always been questioned whether these children are naturally born geniuses or if it is because of their environment. The answer is both. Some child prodigies learn all on their own, while others are pushed and trained from a young age. 


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