Over a ton of rejected fruit, vegetables feed Athenians 超過1噸被丟棄的蔬果餵飽雅典人







Thousands of Athenians have turned up to consume more than a ton of fruit and vegetables rejected by stores in an event that highlights the waste of food in advanced societies. 



Despite the overcast sky, people lined up in a central square in the Greek capital on Sunday to eat briam, a casserole medley of vegetables, such as eggplant, zucchini, carrots and potatoes, as well as a dessert of fruit salad.




The event was part of a global campaign called "Feeding 5000." The organizers, global non-governmental organization Feedback, received the vegetables from farmers after they had been rejected by stores because they were misshapen, but otherwise perfectly edible, they said.


這場活動是稱為「Feeding 5000」全球行動的一部分。主辦單位、全球非政府組織「回饋」從農民處取得蔬菜,這些蔬菜因奇形怪狀而被商店淘汰,但除此之外完全可食,他們說。


About a third of the annual global foodstuff production gets lost or wasted, Feedback says. AP



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