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  There are countless fitness trends that people take part in to get fit, lose weight, and, most importantly, have fun. One of the newest ones is Zuu, an Australian workout2 that gets participants3 doing animal movements in high-intensity interval4 training sessions5. Inspired by a book called Movement That Matters by Paul Chek, an expert on the study of human movement, Nathan Helberg decided to create Zuu. He wanted to create a workout that not only would make people faster and stronger, but would also improve people's range of movement.

  人們參與了無數次的健身時尚來維持身材和減重,最重要的是 ── 獲得樂趣。最新的健身運動之一是 Zuu,它是一個澳洲的健身訓練方式,使參與的成員在高強度間歇訓練課程裡做一些動物的動作。受到 Paul Chek 的書《Movement That Matters》的啟發,一位研究人類動作的專家 Nathan Helberg 決定創造 Zuu。他想創造出一個訓練來不只使人變得更敏捷跟強壯,還能擴大人類動作的幅度。

When describing the fitness program, Helberg said that the movements are usually easy for children to do when they are pretending to be animals. However, they are forgotten by the time people have become adults, who typically spend most of the day sitting. There are a total of 30 animal movements that span6 from the bear crawl to the frog squat7, along with strength-training exercises. The workout feels challenging at first because our bodies are not used to the movements. A laughter-filled session only lasts 20 minutes, but after burning off 500 calories8 in such a short amount of time, you know you have had a wild ride.

  描述這個健身課程時,Helberg 說當小孩假扮成動物時,這些動作他們通常能輕鬆做到。然而,當人們成年後,通常一天花最多的時間就是坐著,這些動作就被遺忘。這總共有三十種動物的動作,涵蓋範圍從熊爬式到青蛙蹲,以及肌力訓練運動。我們一開始會覺得這個健身訓練很有挑戰性,那是因為我們的身體還沒習慣這些動作。一個充滿歡笑的課程僅有二十分鐘,但是當你在這麼短的時間內消耗掉五百卡路里後,你就知道你已經歷了一趟野性之旅。

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