Selfies Gone Wild  神器 Nixie『飛』向自拍新境界




  Believe it or not, we are living in the age of the selfie. Just about everyone with a smartphone is taking mindless pictures of themselves doing nothing and posting them on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Some people have decided to see how famous they can get by taking selfies with celebrities or doing dangerous things like rock climbing.


  Now, a new company called Nixie is taking selfies to the next level. Nixie combines drone technology and selfies into a wearable camera on a wristband. If someone is skateboarding off a ramp, for instance, they can undo the Nixie on their wrist and it will film or photograph the action. What is even more amazing is that Nixie can follow the owner while it films the action and then fly back to the owner when it is finished.

  現在,一家名為『Nixie』的新公司正將自拍帶往下一個境界。Nixie 結合了遙控飛機的科技和自拍而成為了一台附在腕帶上的可戴式相機。舉例來說,如果某人從坡道上滑滑板下來,他們可以解開手腕上的 Nixie,它將會攝影或拍攝他們的動作。更驚人的是 Nixie 在攝影的時候能追著它的使用者,然後在結束的時候飛回到使用者的身邊。

  Nixie gained a lot of attention when it became a finalist in Intel's Make It Wearable contest. The team was awarded US$500,000 to help get Nixie into production. Now, it is only a matter of time before Nixie helps you take the coolest selfies on the Internet.

  當 Nixie 入圍 Intel 舉辦的『Make It Wearable』比賽的決賽時,吸引了許多人的注意。該團隊獲得了五十萬美元的獎金來生產 Nixie。現在,讓 Nixie 幫你拍張網路上最酷的自拍照之前,只是時間早晚的問題而已。

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