The Art of the Elephant Parade  彩繪做慈善 ── 繽紛大象巡展



   In 2006, father and son Marc and Mike Spits were on holiday in Thailand. There they met Mosha, a baby elephant that had lost a foot in an accident. They were so moved by Mosha's injury that the Spits family began the Elephant Parade in 2007.

  2006 年時,馬可‧史匹茲和兒子麥可去泰國度假。他們在那裡遇到一隻叫做 Mosha 的小象,牠在一場意外中失去了一隻腳。他們很同情小象 Mosha 受傷的遭遇,於是史匹茲一家人在 2007 年開始發起大象巡展。

  When you first hear about the Elephant Parade, it sounds like a circus1, but it is not. In truth, the Elephant Parade is a traveling art show that features elephant statues and makes money for their protection. It is made up of life-sized2 baby elephant statues, and each one is a unique work of art3 by a world-class artist. The collection of over 100 statues appears around the world and has traveled across Asia, Europe, and North America. It is more than just a show, though. In each city where the Elephant Parade stops, some of the statues are put up for auction4. The money made by selling the statues goes to protecting Asian elephants. There has been at least one show each year since the Elephant Parade began, which is great for both elephants and art lovers alike.


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