The Cute Cakes That Fit in Cups 百變杯子甜心




  Some treats are local, others are international, but a select few delights become global favorites. No matter how they're decorated or what flavor they might be, cupcakes are beloved all over the world.


   In 1796, a woman named Amelia Simmons published the book American Cookery. In it was a recipe for a cake to be baked in small cups, and the cupcake was born. All you need to make cupcakes is butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. For flavor, you might stir in chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, or berries. People really go nuts for the icing on top of cupcakes. This allows you to get creative, turning a cupcake into a work of art6.

  1796 年,一位名叫艾蜜莉亞‧西蒙斯的女士出版了《美國烹飪》這本書。書中提到在小杯子中烘焙蛋糕的作法,於是杯子蛋糕就此誕生。做杯子蛋糕時需要用到奶油、糖、蛋和麵粉。至於口味的話,您可以拌入巧克力碎片、葡萄乾、堅果或是莓果。杯子蛋糕上的糖霜讓大家為之瘋狂。這些糖霜能讓您發揮創意,把杯子蛋糕變成一件精緻的藝術品。

   Cupcakes have become so popular that they even have their own festivals. In May, Gardiner, New York, hosts the Gardiner Cupcake Festival. This is where vendors bring in over 30,000 cupcakes to Wright's Farm. Of course there's a cupcake contest and even a cupcake-themed race. No matter how they are made or how they look, these delicious desserts are crowd-pleasers every time.

  杯子蛋糕非常受歡迎,甚至還有自己的節慶。美國紐約州的城鎮 Gardiner 在五月時會舉辦 Gardiner 杯子蛋糕節。節慶時攤販們會為鎮上的 Wright's Farm 帶來三萬多個杯子蛋糕。當然,那裡有杯子蛋糕的比賽,甚至還有以杯子蛋糕為主題的跑步競賽。不論杯子蛋糕是怎麼製成的、外觀如何,這些美味的甜點總是深受大家的喜愛。

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