How Pixar Changed Animation Forever 皮克斯改寫動畫史




  Talented people and a lot of money have given Pixar an advantage, but their success has come from their creative ideas. Pixar is known for being at the forefront of innovation by using the latest technology to develop its concepts. While many other animators were still illustrating traditionally, Pixar was taking chances on young college graduates that were skilled in computer animation. They set up a base in San Francisco, far from California's animation capital, Los Angeles, and it didn't take long before the magic started happening.

  才華洋溢的人和大筆的資金給皮克斯帶來優勢,但他們的成就源自於自身有創意的點子。皮克斯藉著使用最新的科技來發展它的概念,使它處在創新的領先地位因而聞名於世。許多其他的動畫師仍用傳統的方式畫插圖時,皮克斯則冒險任用精於電腦動畫的年輕大學畢業生。他們在離加州動畫重鎮 —— 洛杉磯 —— 很遠的舊金山設立總部,且沒有花很長的時間魔力就開始產生了。

  Pixar's risks and business strategies paved the way for a new generation of animation. Their movies are made using CGI, a special type of computer graphics. Unlike regular movies, Pixar creates locations in computers instead of on land. Actors come into the studio to voice the characters, and the illustrators rely on them for inspiration when animating characters. Pixar movies have also inspired others to follow suit, such as DreamWorks Animation. Although their first release was in 1998, DreamWorks has released nearly double the movies compared with that of Pixar. Regardless, Pixar has changed the way children and adults all over the world watch movies and has consistently offered everyone something to enjoy.

  皮克斯的冒險精神和商業策略為新一代的動畫鋪路。他們的電影是用電腦生成圖像(computer-generated imageryCGI)製作的,這是一種很特別的電腦繪圖。不像一般電影,皮克斯用電腦來替代陸地,創造出外景。演員來製片廠為劇中角色配音,電腦繪圖插畫家繪製劇中角色時則以這些演員的聲音為靈感。皮克斯電影也激發了如夢工廠等其他動畫公司,讓他們跟進這個做法。雖然夢工場於 1998 年時才發行了第一部電影,但與皮克斯相比,他們發行的電影數量卻幾乎是皮克斯的兩倍。無論如何,皮克斯已改變了全球小孩和大人觀賞電影的方式,且不斷提供有趣的電影供大家來欣賞。

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