The Portrait of a Painter   星夜下的藝術大師 —— 梵谷




   Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous artists to have ever lived. His paintings hang in the world's best art galleries, and people line up for hours to look at one of them for a few seconds. When his paintings are bought and sold, they sell for millions upon millions of US dollars. His most expensive painting, called Portrait of Dr. Gachet, actually sold for US$148 million in 1990.

   文森‧梵谷是世上最有名的畫家之一。他的畫被高掛在世上最好的美術館,而人們大排長龍好幾個小時只為了看他其中一幅畫幾秒鐘。他的畫被買賣時,可以賣到上億美元。他最昂貴的畫作名為《嘉舍醫師的畫像》,而且它事實上在 1990 年時以一億四千八百萬美元賣出。

  With such a huge amount of cash for a portrait of a doctor, it may surprise you to find out that Van Gogh was never famous when he was alive. In fact, he never even made a living as an artist and only managed to sell one of his 900 paintings. It was called The Red Vineyard, for which he received 400 Francs, which is about US$1,000 today.


  Statues of Vincent van Gogh now stand in many of the Dutch towns where he painted. Several songs have been written about him, and his face appears on his home country's postage stamps. So, why is it that a genius lived most of his life in poverty and remained completely unknown? To find out, let's take a closer look at the incredible life of this incredible man.


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