5:2 diet no better than cutting calories, study finds 研究發現,5:2輕斷食法的減重效果與降低卡路里攝取差不多






The popular 5:2 diet, when you eat normally for five days and heavily restrict your intake for two, does work in the short-term, a study has found.




But you can lose about the same amount of weight while on a standard diet of reducing your daily calorie intake in a much less restricted way.




The weight loss after six months for those on the standard calorie-reduced diet was 5.5kg, while those on the 5:2 diet lost 5.3kg, according to researchers from Austin Health and the University of Melbourne.




The randomized study involved 24 obese male war veterans aged 55-75 years, who had five counselling sessions with a dietitian over the six-month study.




One group went on the 5:2 diet – which originated in the UK – restricting them to 600 calories, on two non-consecutive days a week while they ate normally on the other five days.




The others, who on average had been consuming around 2,400 calories a day, went on a diet cutting their daily intake by 600 calories.




Men in both groups lost body fat and girth, with the standard calorie-reduced diet group reducing their percentage body fat by an average 2.3% and their waistline by 6.4cm.




The figures for those on the 5:2 group were 1.3% and 8cm.



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