Cop delivers pizza after delivery driver injured in crash 披薩送貨員車禍受傷 警察代勞






When the pizza delivery driver was injured in a crash, the officer came to the rescue. Not only to the driver’s aid, but also the person who ordered the pizza.




According to WDIV, Officer Joe Sparks, of the Lincoln Park Police Department responded to the crash and decided the Jet’s Pizza delivery driver needed to go to the hospital.




However, after the driver was transported, Sparks noticed the pizza in the back of the car.




"I grabbed the pizza. I checked the address. I see it’s only a few blocks away, figured I’d just go ahead and deliver it. I knew the person was waiting for their food," said Sparks.




So Sparks took the pie and showed up at the door of Carl Babik.




"I’m like, ’Wait a minute…this is weird…why is a cop delivering my food?’" Babik told WDIV.




The delivery driver involved in the crash suffered a concussion, and no, Babik did not tip Officer Sparks.




"Who would tip a cop? I mean, come on," he said, laughing.




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