A Healthier Way to Feed Your Cat: Hide Its Meals 讓你家貓咪更健康:藏好貓食






NoBowl eschews the traditional bowl. Instead, cat owners stuff small portions of dry food into five containers and hide them from the cat. The containers are made of hard plastic and wrapped in stretchy gray fabric, resembling a mouse. The idea is that when the cat is hungry, it will seek out the food and bat the pouch around, dispensing its contents through small holes in the fabric and the plastic.




In their natural environment, cats eat about 12 times a day, feasting on small prey like mice and birds that are appropriate for their stomachs, which are about the size of a table tennis ball. They also toss their prey around in a form of play that is essential to their well-being, says Dr. Carlo Siracusa, of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.




"No matter if you feed your cat or not, your cat has to do those activities that are related to the feeding behavior," Siracusa says.




"The behavior pattern is written in the genes of the animal, which means that this is a behavioral need."




When we plop a scoop of food into a bowl and walk away, "there’s nothing of this hunting behavior," he says. By contrast, cats are meant to play with the NoBowl.




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