Happiness no longer just a personal matter, but a policy issue 快樂不再只是一己之事,而是政策議題






"Gross domestic product no longer serves as a measure of a society’s wealth. South Koreans are ranked 11th globally GDP, and yet they report a very low level of happiness. This shows that growth no longer guarantees happiness. We should now regard happiness not as a personal issue but as a social good and consider what the government can do to make our lives better," said Luigino Bruni, a professor at LUMSA University in Italy, during his keynote address at the opening ceremony 2016 Asia Future Forum on Nov. 23.




The forum is launched in 2010 to promote co-existence and shared prosperity in Asia and sustainable development and now in its seventh year.




Focusing on the theme of "Beyond GDPThe Pursuit of Happiness for All," the event brought together South Korean and overseas experts from various fields - including academics, activists, entrepreneurs and policymakers - for a day of spirited debate.




"In a report analyzing inequality in Asia that was released in March, the International Monetary Fund found that South Korea has the highest level of inequality in Asia. While the economy has grown in size, intensifying social disparities and inequality appear to be affecting the level of people‘s happiness," said National Assembly Chung Sye-kyun during his congratulatory address.



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