Poison Garden  致命的美麗 —— 安尼克毒藥花園




A trip to this garden could be your last.



  Most gardens are filled with beautiful trees and flowers. But at Alnwick Poison Garden in the UK, touching or smelling the wrong plant could kill you.


  Alnwick was just a regular garden when it opened in 1750. However, over the years, many of the plants died off because no one cared for them, and the garden was all but forgotten. In 1995, Duchess Jane Percy decided to bring it back to life with an evil twist. She filled the garden with poisonous plants to make it more interesting for the public. Next to the garden is Alnwick Castle, which was featured in the Harry Potter films.

  安尼克花園在 1750 年開放時只是一般的花園。然而,多年來裡面的許多植物因為無人照料而相繼凋謝,使得這座花園幾乎被遺忘了。1995 年,公爵夫人珍‧波西決定以一個邪惡的轉變,再次賦予它生命。她在花園中種滿了有毒植物,讓它變得更有趣以吸引大眾。位於花園旁邊的是安尼克城堡,它是《哈利波特》系列電影中的重要場景。

  Before entering the Poison Garden, tourists are greeted by a warning sign that reads, "These plants can kill." Inside, visitors can examine more than 100 types of poisonous plants. The really deadly ones, which could kill you in no time at all, are locked in cages to make sure visitors keep their distance. If you are a Harry Potter fan, or you just want to check out the dark side of gardening , it's a great place to visit. Just be sure to keep your distance from the plants, or it could cost you your life!

  進入毒藥花園之前,首先映入觀光客眼簾的是一塊警示標語,上面寫著:『這些植物會致人於死。』在花園裡,有一百多種的有毒植物可供遊客仔細觀看。那些真正致命的植物 —— 它們能瞬間讓你喪命 —— 都被鎖在籠子裡,以確保遊客與它們保持距離。如果你是《哈利波特》的影迷、或是想要一窺園藝的黑暗面,那會是個值得探訪的好地方。只不過要確保別跟那些植物靠太近就是了,否則你可能會賠上一條命!

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