The Nightmare Machine  找出潛意識的恐懼 ── 惡夢製造機




Machines are starting to think on their own, and they are learning how to scare us.



  Smart computers taking over the world used to be science fiction. These days, however, true artificial intelligence is just around the corner. Many people are already afraid that computers are getting too smart for their own good. Given this fear, it is surprising that scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) designed an artificial intelligence to frighten us. They call it the Nightmare Machine. The project's goals are to ease people's fear towards intelligent machines and make their AI smarter.


  Luckily, the Nightmare Machine isn't as scary as it sounds. It is just a program that edits pictures to make them look scarier. For example, the Nightmare Machine can change the colors and shapes of famous landmarks to make them look like they are old and haunted. The results are frightening, but the really scary images are those of people's faces.


  The Nightmare Machine can turn anyone into a monster. It twists and rearranges faces in very disturbing ways. People can vote for the scariest images on their website to help improve the Nightmare Machine's ability to learn. Once people get involved, they will see that artificial intelligence is not as scary as it seems.



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