Sea Hero Quest: Gaming for a Good Cause  不只是遊戲!《航海英雄》對抗老人癡呆




A group of scientists have developed a game to study the brain.



  Most video games are fun to play, but they don't usually teach players anything useful. Sea Hero Quest is a bit different, though. This free mobile app is helping doctors learn more about the early stages of Alzheimer's, a disease that makes people lose their memories.



  In the game, players are on a mission to save their father's lost memories. To get them back, they have to sail to different islands and collect notes from his diary. The main purpose of the game is to remember places on the map and to play other mini games that test your memory. Scientists collect data from everyone who plays the game. Then, they study it to learn how our brains change as we age.



  They discovered that our sense of direction is best at age 19, and it gets worse as we get older. Scientists hope this data will help them identify people who might develop Alzheimer's when they are still young. Then, they can take medicine to make their lives better. So far, more than 2.4 million people have played Sea Hero Quest. In addition to having a good time, players are helping to find a cure for a serious disease.


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