Phubbing could be ruining your relationship-「低頭族」行為可能破壞您的關係







People who spend their free time swiping through social media could be causing upset in their relationship, scientists warn. Research has revealed that phubbing’ is on the rise.




Phubbing is a portmanteau of "phone" and "snubbing" and occurs when conversation is interrupted by attention being given to a smartphone rather than the person you’re with. When it’s your loved one who bears the brunt of this compulsive action, it’s called phubbing.




The researchers surveyed 450 people and found 46 per cent reported being phubbed by their partner and 22 per cent had argued as a direct result. They said phubbing’ is on the rise because we are more likely to be addicted to our phones than ever before.




The study also reveals we check our devices up to 150 times a day. Almost half of relationships have been negatively impacted by the craze. Phubbing causes problems in relationships by reducing the amount of quality time spent together.




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