ATM Turns 50, Cash Still Ageless 自動提款機50歲,現金仍青春永駐






Cash may be ageless, but its relationship with consumers has changed tremendously.




In 1967, consumers could only access cash through over-the-counter OTC withdrawals. The space changed when Barclays Bank announced the launch of the worlds first ATM machine which could dispense up to ten 1 pound notes in exchange for a bank-issued voucher. That was 50 years ago.




Fast track to today and the United Kingdom is home to more than 70,000 ATM machines used by 94 percent of the adult population. More than half of that percentage uses an ATM at least once a week to withdraw cash. In 2016 alone, consumers in the U.K. used 176 million debit cards to withdraw a whopping 180 billion in cash.




While the use of cash and ATMs has climbed in the U.K. and other countries around the world, there’s no denying the age-old payment method is facing competition from alternate payment methods.




"In the future, we’re much more likely to see a combination of different payment methods than one clear preference," said Laurent Dhaeyer, managing director of online payment service provider. "Consequently, choice and the ability to integrate with these different methods of payment will be paramount for merchants and banks alike."




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