The Joint Polar Satellite System Is The Future Of Weather Forecasts 「聯合極軌衛星系統」是天氣預報的明日之星




The Joint Polar Satellite System, now known as NOAA-20, the first of four new polar-orbiting satellites reached its destination above the Earth on November 18th, 2017.


NOAA-20 will circle the globe 14 times a day and complete two total views of the Earth every 24 hours. Using some the most advanced technology that NOAA has ever flown these satellites will increase our ability to observe and predict weather all over the globe including climate change, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and search and rescue operations.


Similar satellites have been in use for a long time and are responsible for our ability to predict the weather. Without them, the idea of a seven-day forecast just would not be accurate at all. Some around 85% of the global forecast input comes from polar-orbiting satellites.


Sadly the current satellites are at the end of their predicted lifespan.



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