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Europe's first underwater restaurant opens in Norway. 

A new restaurant in Norway is giving a whole new meaning to the word seafood. It is called Under, and it will become Europe's first underwater restaurant when it opens in 2019. 

挪威的一間新餐廳即將賦予海鮮這個名詞一個全新的意義。這家叫作「Under」的餐廳將於 2019 年開幕時成為歐洲第一間海底餐廳。

   From the outside, Under will look like a giant tube that slides into the sea from the coast. At its lowest level, the dining room is five meters underwater on the seafloor. The designers of Under did their best to make sure the restaurant fits in with the environment. They used thick concrete walls to protect people inside if the waters get rough. The walls were also specifically designed so that mussels, clams, and other shellfish can live on them.

就外觀而言,Under 看起來會像一個從岸邊滑入海裡的巨大管狀物。它的最底層是用餐區,位在水下五公尺深的海底。Under 的設計師們極盡所能地確保這間餐廳與環境融合。他們使用厚的混凝土牆以在浪濤洶湧時保護裡頭的人們。這些牆還經過特別設計,讓貽貝、蛤蜊和其他有殼類水生動物棲息。

   Under will be able to hold up to 100 
customers on several levels. It also has a four-meter-tall window that offers a perfect view of the life underwater. Guests can watch fish playfully swim by as they enjoy their meal. When Under closes down for the day, it will be used as a research center for scientists who will use it to study the changes in sea life. With its amazing views of life below the waves, Under is sure to be a huge hit.

   Under 可在數層當中容納多達一百位客人。它還有一面四公尺高的觀景窗提供一個飽覽海底世界的完美視野。賓客們得以在享受餐點的同時看著魚兒從身旁悠游而過。而在 Under 店休的時候,它會被作為科學家研究中心以研究海洋生態的變化。有著海浪下無敵的生態美景,Under 屆時肯定會大爆紅。

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