Wood frogs’ winter survival may depend on holding in urine: study 研究:木蛙靠憋尿過冬


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Wood frogs hold in urine all winter as a survival mechanism by recycling urea, according to a study published Tuesday May 1.



In Alaska, wood frogs go eight months without urinating, and now scientists have figured out how they do it – more accurately, how they survive without doing it.



Special microbes in the frogs’ guts recycle the urea, which is the main waste in urine, the study in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B reported.



In turn, recycling urea into useful nitrogen keeps the small frogs alive as they hibernate and freeze, inside and out. Although it doesn’t warm them up, urea still protects cells and tissues, even as the critter’s heart, brain and bloodstream stop.



Alaskan wood frogs get as cold as zero degrees. But once the temperatures warm near springtime, the frogs come back to life; they thaw and begin feeding and mating again.



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