DeepMind created an IQ test for AI, and it didnt do too well DeepMind幫人工智慧做智力測驗,結果差強人意






AI has gotten pretty good at completing specific tasks, but it’s still a long way from having general intelligence. One of the key elements of general intelligence is abstract reasoning — the ability to think beyond the "here and now" to see more nuanced patterns and relationships and to engage in complex thought.




On July 11th, researchers at DeepMind — a Google subsidiary focused on artificial intelligence — published a paper detailing their attempt to measure various AIs’ abstract reasoning capabilities.




In humans, we measure abstract reasoning using fairly straightforward visual IQ tests. One popular test, called Raven’s Progressive Matrices, features several rows of images with the final row missing its final image. To apply this test to AIs, the DeepMind researchers created a program that could generate unique matrix problems.




The results of the test weren’t great. Ultimately, the team’s AI IQ test shows that even some of today’s most advanced AIs can’t figure out problems we haven’t trained them to solve.



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