JPL releases plans for build-your-own Mars rover 噴射推進實驗室推出「自己造火星探測車」方案





NASA’s Curiosity lander touched down on the surface of Mars in August, 2012, and its rover payload rolled out shortly after to begin its meandering mission. While the intrepid explorer did its thing, NASA needed an educational project to help explain the technology and the mission to the general public. That role was filled by a scaled down version called ROV-E.



Based on NASA’s Curiosity and the Mars 2020 rovers, the ROV-E mini outreach rover was designed to answer questions about Mars from the public, and could follow voice commands to move around.



JPL’s Open Source Rover has a similar six-wheel steering mechanism and rocker-bogie suspension as the full-sized Curiosity rover. The base model should weigh in at 25 lb 11.34 kg and have a 24 x 14 inch 61 x 30.5 cm footprint.



Build plans, detailed how-to instructions and a materials list have been posted to GitHub for anyone to freely download and start building.





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