The Rise of K-Pop





From The Kim Sisters to BTS, this is the story of how K-pop took over the world.



K-pop is a worldwide sensation. From LA to Taipei to Europe to Australia and beyond, Korean pop music is on the radio and taking over streaming services. But if you think K-pop is a recent development, think again. This is a trend that’s been building for decades.



Our story begins with The Kim Sisters, the first South Korean group to make it big overseas. The sisters were Sue, Aija, and Mia. In the 1950s, as a way to support their family, the girls sang American songs in Seoul nightclubs to American soldiers. American producer Tom Ball saw them in 1958 and knew he had to bring them to the US.



In 1959, the sisters arrived in the US and started performing in Las Vegas. They found success in nightclubs and even sang on national television. In 1962, they covered a song by The Coasters called “Charlie Brown.” It reached number seven on the Billboard singles chart. With that, The Kim Sisters were the first huge Asian singing success in the US. Little did the ladies know they had started what would become a huge trend.



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