Premier bends a little to student demands, but two sides remain far apart (2014/03/28)

After showing virtually no willingness to compromise, the ruling KMT has become more accepting of some of the student demands. Today Premier Jiang Yi-huah said the government is open to drafting a screening mechanism for future cross-strait agreements. But he is unwilling for review of the cross-strait trade-in-services pact to be postponed until this screening mechanism is in place. ##

Premier Jiang once again appeared before reporters to defend the government’s position on the cross-strait trade-in-services pact. He also commented on Sunday’s student-organized mass demonstration on Ketagalan Boulevard.

Jiang Yi-huah 
The leaders of this student movement should take responsibility for calling for such a large demonstration. After calling so many people to go to Ketagalan Boulevard to protest, you must ensure that the activity goes according to the original plan and ends peacefully. 

Jiang also asked police to show restraint. Jiang’s comments come days after students were forcibly evicted from the Executive Yuan, with many alleging an excessive use of force. Jiang also described the government’s position regarding demands put forward by students in recent days. 

Jiang Yi-huah 
We’ve already made important concessions by expressing a willingness to send the bill back to legislative committee for a substantive line-by-line review and for a line-by-line vote to take place. This should quell the public’s criticism of procedural flaws. We are also generally open to drafting new legislation for monitoring cross-strait agreements.

As for whether Jiang would step down to take responsibility for the violent eviction of protesters, the premier said he would continue working until the protests are resolved.




[[行政院長 江宜樺]]


[[行政院長 江宜樺]]
“是不是應該考慮要讓法案,退回委員會,重新進行逐條審議,逐條表決,我們已經做出這樣重要的讓步情況之下,能夠平息社會大眾,對於過去程序瑕疵所批評的(地方) ,至於協議 監督機制的法制化,我們基本上是抱持開放的態度”

此外,對於江揆是否要為此事件負責下台? 他表示,等到整個事情結束後,社會自有公評,屆時他也會正式來回應此問題。


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