In joint statement, university presidents call for communication between government, students (2014/03/28)

University presidents have mixed feels about the student protests. While most are pleased to see their students passionate about national affairs, the presidents are not happy to see the students skipping classes. 

As the Sunflower Movement continues to stir emotions, Shih Hsin University invited presidents of leading universities to join a seminar on topics such as democracy on school campuses and academic freedom. This is what a former president of National Taiwan University had to say about students skipping class to protest.

Chen Wei-jao
Former NTU President
Those in authority need to come out and solve this problem rather than letting the students continue to waste their time. The students have expressed their opinion. Now we should see whether this can be solved.

Chen Wei-jao says he is pleased to see students heeding national affairs but, like the other presidents, he does not support them skipping classes. Shih Hsin President Lai Ting-ming urged the students and the government to hold calm discussions.

Lai Ting-ming
Shih Hsin University President
University presidents are anxious because we want to solve this controversy. Frankly speaking, however, President Ma is the only person who can solve it. He is the only person who can talk to the students.

The university presidents issued a joint statement recommending that a civic organization not connected to any political party form a communication platform. It could bridge the government and the students and allow them to solve their differences. 




[[前台大校長 陳維昭]]


[[世新大學校長 賴鼎銘]]



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