Trade-in-services pact opponents aim for 100,000 to join Sunday demonstration (2014/03/28)

Students are drumming up support for their Sunday protest on Ketagalan Boulevard. They hope to mobilize 100,000 people to express opposition to the trade-in-services pact that Taiwan signed with China. 

All around the Legislative Yuan there are signs calling on people to join Sunday’s demonstration against the cross-strait trade-in-services pact.

Lin Fei-fan (March 27)
Student Leader
We want to tell the Ma government that delay tactics won’t drain our willpower. They will only increase our determination and resolve. We must win this battle.

Student leader Lin Fei-fan is determined for the demonstration this Sunday to bring the student movement to a climax that leads to the rejection of the trade-in-services pact. He has called on all members of the general public to occupy Ketagalan Boulevard starting from 1 o’clock on Sunday. Lin believes a large turnout will convince President Ma Ying-jeou to yield to the students’ demands.

University students from across the nation and civic groups are joining to mobilize support. They hope to gather upwards of a 100,000 people.

Kaohsiung Medical University Student
We could send out 20 tour buses that will transport students from the south.

Tsai Chih-hao
Taiwan Academy of Ecology
The atmosphere has gone beyond what we imagined. All sectors of society have risen up. Virtually all citizens have risen up.

Ahead of Sunday’s demonstration, President Ma Ying-jeou plans to hold another press conference on Saturday at 10:30 am.




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