Drinkable sunscreen offers a new form of skin protection 保護皮膚新方法防曬乳用喝的






The US skincare market is expected to reach $11bn by 2018, proving that people are more than willing to pay to keep their skin healthy and looking more youthful. But expert advice on how to maintain good skin hasn’t changed much over the years.




The bottom line remainswear sunscreen. Apply it liberally, wear a hat and try to stay in the shade if possible.




But what if, instead of "coating" yourself in a cream that blocks the sun, you could protect yourself from the inside out? That is the purpose of UVO, a drinkable sunblock developed by Bobby Awadalla, a dermatologist.




UVO is basically a vitamin cocktail in liquid or powder form that he says protects a person from sun damage for three to five hours, depending on the individual’s skin tone and ability to absorb the vitamins.




While Awadalla says UVO gives users protection from the inside out, he cautions that people should not utilize only one method of sunblock. Like with conventional sunscreen, he recommends using a hat or umbrella, too.



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