Playboys and sexist men are more prone to mental health problems 花花公子和性別歧視男性易有心理健康問題






Men who behave like promiscuous playboys or feel powerful over women are more likely to have mental health problems than men with less sexist attitudes. An analysis found links between sexist behavior and mental health issues such as depression and substance use, said a study in the Journal of Counseling Psychology.




This research involved more than 19,000 men and was conducted over a span of 11 years. The researchers looked at 11 traits of traditional masculinity, including dominance, winning, emotional control, pursuit of playboy behaviour, primacy of work, self-reliance, level of homophobia, pursuit of status, power over women, risk-taking and violence.




After recording each man’s attitudes, the researchers looked at their mental health, and whether they have sought treatment. The result shows that men who see themselves as having power over women or adhering to "playboy" behavior are more likely to have psychological problems.




More troublingly, the study also found that the men who conformed most to the sexist norms were also the least likely to seek help for their psychological problems.



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