The Reading Ring神奇新「視戒」




A new creation called the Eye Ring hopes to brighten the lives of the blind and visually impaired. Combining design and technology, this ring translates ordinary texts into braille, the writing system used by the blind to read. Many texts are not available in braille, which limits the chance for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy reading.



The Eye Ring is worn on the finger like a regular ring. When the wearer wants to read a printed text, all he or she has to do is place the ring on the tip of the finger. The user then moves the top part of the ring over the text. The ring's built-in scanner instantly scans the words and translates them into braille. Braille dots pop up on the ring's underside and can be felt by the tip of the user's finger.



The ring also has a Bluetooth function, which lets users experience the text as an audio recording. A small but powerful invention, the Eye Ring may change the lives of many.


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