A New Water Park That Helps the Disabled    全球首座無障礙水上樂園任你行~




Everyone wants to cool down in the summertime, but for some, it is not that easy.



    One of the best things to do in the summer is to go to a water park with your friends. It is a lot of fun to go on all the waterslides, relax in the lazy river, or play a game of water volleyball. This classic summer activity is almost perfect except for the fact that not everyone can enjoy the fun of water parks. People who are physically disabled or are in a wheelchair often can't go because many parks were not designed to be wheelchair accessible. One father set out to change all this by creating his own theme park for the disabled.



    Gordon Hartman's daughter Morgan has special needs, so he built Morgan's Wonderland, a theme park for the handicapped in San Antonio, Texas. Recently, he added Morgan's Inspiration Island water park, so people who are handicapped can have fun in the water, too. What's more, many of the park's workers have special needs. They are there to help people or answer any questions that guests might have. Hartman has said the business is not about making money. Instead, it's about handicapped people being able to have a great time in the hot summer sun.

   高登‧哈特曼的女兒摩根有特殊需求,所以他打造了「摩根樂園」—— 一座在德州聖安東尼奧市專為身障人士打造的主題樂園。最近,他增建了「摩根歡樂島」水上樂園,因此身障人士也可以盡情玩水。此外,該樂園的許多員工也有特殊需求。他們在那裡隨時待命幫助人們或回答遊客可能有的任何問題。哈特曼說這份事業並不是為了賺錢。相反的,這是為了讓身障人士可以在夏日豔陽下盡情玩樂。


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