JPSS-1 Has a New Name: NOAA-20 JPSS-1衛星有個新名字:NOAA-20






JPSS-1 officially became known as NOAA-20. However, the entire series of satellites, of which JPSS-1 is the first, is still referred to as the JPSS series.




Traditionally, when NOAA’s polar-orbiting satellites were planned, designed and built, NOAA assigned each one with a letter (-A, -B, -C …). Then, when the satellite reached orbit after launch, it was given a number.




The polar-orbiting satellites of the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS-1, -2, -3, and -4) are a bit different. Instead of letters, they are designated by numbers during their construction, testing, and launch phases. However, they still become NOAA-20, -21, -22, and -23 when they attain orbit.




Why will their names change from "JPSS" to "NOAA"? According to NOAA documentation, the change is to maintain consistency in naming conventions that NOAA has followed since 1978 for polar-orbiting satellites, except for the NOAA-NASA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite (Suomi NPP).


為什麼要從「JPSS」改名為「NOAA」?根據NOAA文獻,改名可延續命名規則的一致性;除NOAA與美國國家航太總署(NASA)的「索米國家極軌夥伴關係」(Suomi NPP)衛星外,該機構自1978年以來,便遵循這項繞極衛星的命名規則。

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