AI can render 3D objects from 2D pictures 人工智慧可用二維平面照片算出三維立體物體






Google subsidiary DeepMind unveiled a new type of computer vision algorithm that can generate 3D models of a scene from 2D snapshotsthe Generative Query Network GQN.




The GQN, details of which were published in Science, can “imagine” and render scenes from any angle without any human supervision or training.




The two-part system is made up of a representation network and a generation network. The former takes input data and translates it into a mathematical representationa vectordescribing the scene, and the latter images the scene.




To train the system, DeepMind researchers fed GQN images of scenes from different angles, which it used to teach itself about the textures, colors, and lighting of objects independently of one another and the spatial relationships between them. It then predicted what those objects would look like off to the side or from behind.




Using its spatial understanding, the GQN could control the objects. And it self-corrects as it moves around the scene, adjusting its predictions when they prove incorrect.




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