The Rainbow Mountain of Peru  上帝打翻的調色盤 ── 秘魯彩虹山

by Evan Witkowski




The forces of nature have created many unique sights around the globe, from steep mountain ranges to vast desert sands. Seeing a picture or a video of a beautiful place never does it justice, so explorers and those who love the outdoors are always hunting for an undiscovered wild treasure. One remote destination that would take everyone’s breath away is Vinicunca, or Rainbow Mountain, in the Peruvian Andes. 

  大自然的力量在世界各地創造出許多獨特的景色,從陡峭山脈到廣闊沙漠都有。光看美麗景點的圖片或影片永遠無法將它完整呈現,因此探險家和熱愛戶外活動的人們總是在尋找尚未被發掘的野外寶藏。一個會令每個人都嘆為觀止的遙遠勝地就是秘魯安地斯山脈的 Vinicunca,或稱為彩虹山。


  Visitors to Cusco, Peru, often make a trip out of the city to see the multilayered and brightly colored peaks of the Ausangate Mountains near Sinakara Valley, including the spectacular Rainbow Mountain. Locals consider Rainbow Mountain to be a sacredholy place and the deity of Cusco. Faithfulbelievers leave offerings there daily. In late May or early June, thousands of Quechua people make the trek to see Sinakara Valley and celebrate the Snow Star Festival, which marks the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere



  It’s not hard to see why Rainbow Mountain is worshipped. The vivid colors and expansive mountains are truly a sight to behold. Each of the colors is the result of sediment from different minerals and natural weathering over thousands of years. Geologists studying the layers of rock and minerals found that chemical reactions caused by exposure to oxygen, heat, and precipitationbring out the minerals’ true colors. The bright yellows, deep reds, earthy greens, and vibrant purples make Rainbow Mountain look like a natural painting!


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