Germans turn to ’medibus’ as doctors desert villages 醫生棄守鄉村,德國民眾轉向「醫療巴士」





For years the small German village of Weissenborn has been faced with a shortage of medical practitioners. Therefore, the "Medibus" started coming to town since 2018.



The "Medibus" is a complete doctor’s office in a red and yellow bus that sets up shop in the community of around 1,000 people for a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Every week, the bus, set up by the Hesse state medical association, stops off in six villages in western Germany. Doctor Matthias Roth saw around 35 patients a day in the summer months, or roughly the same number as a traditional GP’s practice.



Across Hesse, more than 170 doctors’ posts are unfilled. Even the offer of a bonus of up to 66,000 euros over five years to those setting up in specific areas has failed to lure enough new blood, while doctors delaying retirement are offered up to 2,000 euros per quarter.



"The Medibus is just there as a transitional alternative. We still hope to bring young doctors to the towns," said an official.



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