Magic Lanterns 宛如現代 Netflix 的魔法燈籠



These moving pictures were the Victorian Era’s version of Netflix.


Today, everyone can go online to see pictures and videos from around the world. In the days before television and the internet, communication wasn’t that easy. So, people used magic lanterns for amusement.



Magic lanterns were devices that let people watch images on a wall. A lantern would shine light on photo slides to make the pictures appear bigger. Then, everyone in the room could look at the large images. Although the first magic lantern was invented in the 1500s, few people bought them because they were too costly. During the 1800s, brilliant businesspeople came up with an idea. They began renting lanterns to customers for a few days. Families could then afford to use them. Many people started renting lanterns on holidays to watch the news, or see pictures of remote places. 



In the Victorian Era, new technology made it possible to see images in 3D. Some slideshows even showed moving pictures that looked a lot like short videos. So, people would watch slideshows like people today stream their favorite Netflix series.


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