German town raises ire for scheme using asylum seekers as porters 德國小鎮打算讓庇護申請者擔任挑夫引眾怒


A German town has halted a scheme offering asylum seekers 1.05 euros an hour to carry luggage at a station after rail operator Deutsche Bahn refused permission due to a public outcry and criticism that the project harked back to colonial times.


The southern German town of Schwaebisch Gmuend started the scheme recently for nine asylum seekers to help passengers get up a steep flight of metal steps erected at the station due to construction work.


The mayor originally said he hoped the programme would help the integration of the town’s 250 asylum seekers, but pictures of the refugees, mostly from African nations, in bright red T-shirts and straw hats unleashed an outcry.


Complaints about the hourly rate - about eight times below the level German politicians cite for a minimum wage - poured into the mayor’s office and sparked a Facebook campaign.


Deutsche Bahn said it had not been aware of the conditions and would pay its own employees their normal rate to do the job. A spokesman for Schwaebisch Gmuend said that the conservative mayor was disappointed at Deutsche Bahn’s decision and blamed misplaced political correctness.(Reuters)




hark back to sth:動詞片語,指回到或記起過去的某事、與過去的某事很類似,如The movie has a style that harks back to the golden age of Hollywood.(這部電影的風格讓人想起好萊塢的黃金時代。)

flight:名詞,指樓梯或台階的一段,如He fell down a flight of stairs.(他從樓梯上摔了下來。)

misplaced:形容詞,指不合時宜的、不得體的、不切實際的,如I’m afraid your confidence in my abilities is misplaced.(你對我能力的信心恐怕有點不切實際。)


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