CEOs with big signatures are more likely to be narcissists 簽名越大的執行長越可能是自戀狂


The bigger a CEO’s signature the more likely he or she is to be a narcissist, a new study claims.


The research which compared the signatures of some 605 CEOs of US firms found that size does matter where boss’s autographs are concerned.


It found that bosses with bigger signatures also tended to get the highest pay, but were in fact more likely to run their companies into the ground.


The study by academics at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina took the signatures of CEOs from company accounts filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.


The authors identify narcissism as an egotistical character trait ’associated with conceit and disregard for others’.


’Similarly, narcissism creates biased self-perception in the form of upwardly biased evaluation of one’s own abilities and performance,’ they say in the paper.


These qualities make them bad decision makers, the study says, but enables them to convince directors and shareholders of their competency to the extent that they get better pay.



autograph: 名詞,親筆簽名。

run ... into the ground:片語,把……弄糟。例句:You will run this hotel into the ground. (你會把這家飯店搞得一團糟的。)

egotistical:形容詞,自我本位的;自負的。例句:An overbearing stare can make you appear arrogant and egotistical. (擺架子看人會讓別人覺得你傲慢而自負。)


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