Yunlin elementary school teaches students about cultivation and use of Chinese herbal medicines (2014/03/12)

Many schools distinguish themselves by taking on special characteristics of their neighboring community. Tuku Township, Yunlin County is known for producing Chinese medicine, and now a local elementary school is using part of its campus to grow medicinal herbs. 

These young students use their spare time to weed the fields and record the medicinal herbs they see. They are learning about the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine. 

“If you are like me and get pimples, you can use bugleweed to make a water based paste or a facial cream.”

Even mint can be applied as an herbal medicine.

“(Mint) has a cool feeling and can be used to keep bugs away or to relieve headaches caused by a cold.”

Honglun Elementary is near Tuku Township, which is one of the most important Chinese herb-producing regions in Taiwan. At one time, output from this area accounted for more than 60 percent of annual domestic production, though the aging population is leading to less land being cultivated. For this reason, Honglun Elementary is using its campus to plant these herbs and teach more children about local culture and industry. 









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