Hobbiton 探索哈比人的故鄉 哈比屯




  In the early 2000s, The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand. Once filming had wrapped, the crew left behind the hobbit holes they had dug to film scenes of the Shire. Afterwards, fans flocked to explore these hobbit burrows, although little more than holes in the ground remained to be seen.


  However, after shooting the newest Hobbit trilogy, the film crew decided to leave the Shire untouched. Thus, a new amazing tourist attraction, the Hobbiton Film Set, was created. Delighted fans worldwide have celebrated the news.

  然而,在《哈比人》三部曲最新一集拍攝完成後,劇組人員決定保留夏爾原本的完整風貌。因此,一個很棒的新景點 —— 哈比屯拍攝場景誕生了。世界各地的粉絲都在興高采烈地慶祝這個好消息。

  Visitors now can drop into the Shire, explore Bilbo's home, Bag End, and drink a mug of cider at the Green Dragon Inn. Tourists are encouraged to stroll along the Shire's paths, explore hobbit burrows, and walk through the hobbit gardens. Fans can tour the set and pretend that they are truly walking in Middle Earth. For many, this is a dream come true. Although New Zealand offers many beautiful sites, none have become as instantly popular as Hobbiton.

  觀光客現在可以順道拜訪夏爾來探索比爾博的家 —— 袋底洞,並在綠龍客棧暢飲一大杯蘋果酒。旅客可以沿著夏爾的小徑漫步、一探哈比人的洞穴和穿梭在哈比人的花園中。粉絲可以遊覽各個場景,假裝他們真實地走在中土世界中。對許多人來說,這讓他們夢想成真。雖然紐西蘭有著許多美麗景點,但沒有一個景點能像哈比屯一樣一夕成名。


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