College exhibition seeks to match local students with gastronomy schools (2014/03/12)

This morning 18 foreign gastronomy and hotel management schools took part in an exhibition to attract Taiwanese students. School representatives say the potential of the Chinese market makes Taiwanese students sought out for their language skills. 

Schools from 10 countries, including Switzerland, Australia and Japan, took part in this exhibition. They were there to sell their programs to local students.

Arthur Deng
Jaydon Study Abroad Center
A special feature of France’s Le Cordon Bleu is that after you finish your studies, it provides a three-month, unpaid internship. You get the opportunity to work in a Michelin-starred restaurant. This gives you a good-looking resume.

Chris Wu
Swiss College of Hosp. Management Lenk
One area that Switzerland beats us is they begin training from the time they finish elementary school. College graduates have at least seven years practical experience.

Students are attracted by the internship opportunities and potential for high starting salaries.

Kai Ping Culinary School Student
I think practical study provides opportunity to learn more at a faster pace.

Kai Ping Culinary School Student
There is a better chance for a good salary and networking.

One drawback is tuition, which costs over the equivalent of NT$300,000 in Japan and NT$700,000 in France. The most expensive is Switzerland at a price of NT$1.1 million.




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[[瑞士林克飯店招生部主任 吳忠良]]






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