FTV joins Ever Rich Foundation to announce winners of photo contest (2014/03/28)

To promote the beauty of Taiwan, FTV joined hands with Ever Rich Foundation to host a photo competition. Nearly 18,000 photos were submitted with the winners announced today. 

A glorious sunrise turns this sea golden with towering mountains in the background. This photo was taken in Taitung’s Sansiantai. It won first place in the 2nd Beauty of Taiwan photo competition. 

Wang Ming-yu
FTV Deputy GM
Some people say that Taiwan is dirty and chaotic, but in fact, it’s quite beautiful. This shows our love for Taiwan, and we present these (images) for everyone to admire. 

Chiang Chien-ting
Ever Rich Foundation GM
It’s not just the prize money that motivates (these photographers). It is because they see a different scenic view of Taiwan and have a different vision they hope to share.

FTV and the Ever Rich Foundation jointly sponsored this photo contest to promote the beauty of Taiwan. Now in its second year, the event has grown and drawn an enthusiastic response from participants, attracting more than 18,000 entries this year. 

Of all the entries, 63 works were selected and will be published as a calendar and photo book. A few images will be chosen for a mural at airport customs and immigration areas.




[[民視資深副總 王明玉]]

[[昇恆昌基金會總經理 江建廷]]




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