Intelligent Thinkers Are Lazy, Non-Thinkers Are Active 聰明的思考者懶惰,非思考者活躍






Here’s a perfect excuse to lounge around. People of higher intelligence were found to spend more time in leisurely activity, being less physical than "non-thinkers".




A US-based study recruited 60 students, who were broken into two groups of "thinkers" high scorers and "non-thinkers" low scorers. All the participants were given a fitness tracker to wear on their wrists for a week to see how physically active they would be in their daily lives.




The study found that the thinkers were much less active during the business days of Monday through Friday than the non-thinkers. On the weekend, however, there was no difference between the groups.




The more intelligent don’t get bored easily as they can engage themselves in their inner worlds. The less intelligent, on the other hand, use physical activity as a way to beat the boredom. Certainly, there are health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle so be sure to exercise no matter how brainy you might be.




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