Professors turn out for Sunday’s protest on Ketagalan Boulevard (2014/03/30)

Today’s protest attracted professors standing in solidarity with students opposing the cross-strait trade-in-services pact. As some led a sit-in outside the Legislative Yuan to protect the students inside, others joined those demonstrating on Ketagalan Boulevard. 

Jian Shang-ren, a professor of folk music at National Tsing Hua University, appeared at the rally and performed his own songs, helping entertain the audience. Sitting to his side is 76-year-old Yang Wei-che, a retired mathematics professor from National Taiwan University. Both lent their support to students protesting the cross-strait trade-in-services pact.

Yang Wei-che
NTU Professor Emeritus 
In just 30 seconds, the legislative committee passed the bill. Electing (a president like this) is really a shame for Taiwan.

In the past, university professors angered by actions undertaken by the Ma administration hired coaches and paid for bus tickets for students to travel to Taipei to protest. Today many decided to participate themselves, including those who are part of the NGO known as Tainan Community University.

Lin Han-wei
Tainan Community University President
We estimate about 800 to 1,000 (members of Tainan Community University) took part today.

About 10 National Dong Hwa University professors staged a sit-in in front of the Legislative Yuan to ensure the safety of students. They are proud of the efforts that students are making on behalf of Taiwan’s democracy and wanted to show their support.




[[台大數學系名譽教授 楊維哲]]
“30秒裡面,立法院裡面委員會就這樣(通過) , 選出這樣的人(當總統) ,這是台灣的恥辱”


[[台南社區大學校長 林翰威]]



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