MI6 advertises for new intelligence officers on Mumsnet MI6在「媽媽網」登廣告招募新情報員






Britain’s spy agency MI6 is hoping to recruit a new generation of female spies - by advertising for intelligence officers on parenting website Mumsnet.


As the latest James Bond film Spectre hits the big screen, the Secret Intelligence Service is searching for the next generation of real life 007s on the help and advice website.


In addition to the adverts for intelligence officers, there are also vacancies for ’software and technology specialists’ on unspecified salaries and for £26,151-per year ’business support officers’.


But those interested must show discretion. Candidates are warned their DH’s - ’darling husbands’ in Mumsnet terminology - must remain tight-lipped about their loved one’s application.


The websites chief executive Justine Roberts said MI6 had first put an advert on the site in May. She said Being MI6 they didnt tell us whether they successfully hired from us. But they have put up three more ads so you imagine they got a good response.’

該網站執行長賈絲汀.蘿勃茲說,MI6 5月間首度在網站刊登廣告。她說:「MI6沒有告知我們是否從我們這裡成功聘僱到人。但他們多刊登了3個廣告,所以可以設想他們獲得良好回應。」

Asked what qualities its members might bring to the world of espionage, she said they were ’used to having eyes in the back of their heads and being invisible,’ as well as having strong intuition and emotional intelligence.


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