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  In Me at the Zoo, Jawed Karim is shown standing in front of a few elephants as he talks about their long trunks1. To be honest, it is not a remarkable or exciting video for any reason except one. Me at the Zoo was the first video uploaded to YouTube in 2005.

  影片《我在動物園》裡,賈德‧卡林姆出現站在一些大象前,說著牠們的長鼻子。老實說,那是部既不精彩也不有趣的影片,除了一個原因之外 —— 《我在動物園》是 2005 年最早上傳到 Youtube 的影片。

  It was not until 2006 that YouTube really started to take off. By July of that year, YouTube was getting 100 million views per day. Then, on October 9 of that year, in an announcement that shocked the technological world, Google revealed it had bought YouTube for US$1.68 billion in stock2. At the time, people thought the price was too high. Now, that looks like one of the best deals of all time. Presently, YouTube is valued at nearly US$46 billion and commentators3 predict that number will rise to US$100 billion in a few years. The reason for that is that nearly everyone loves viral videos4. Whether it is a cat with a frown5 on its face or a two-year-old dancing, people enjoy going on YouTube to be entertained.

  一直到 2006 年後, YouTube 才真正地開始蓬勃發展。在 2006 年七月之前, YouTube 每天有多達一億次的點閱率。接著在同年十月九號,一項宣告震驚了科技界,那就是 Google 透露他們以十六億八千萬美元的股份收購了 YouTube。當時大家都認為那個收購價格過高。現在看來那是有史以來最棒的交易之一。目前 YouTube獲利將近四百六十億美元,許多評論家預估未來幾年獲利數字將會攀升到一千億美元。其原因是幾乎人人都愛網路爆紅影片。無論是一隻貓臉上皺眉頭的影片或是兩歲小孩手舞足蹈的影片,大家都愛上 YouTube 尋找樂子。

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