A Cool Solution不插電冰箱



—James Baron 

We use refrigerators to keep our food fresh and safe to eat. Without them, our food would go bad very quickly. This is a serious problem in India, where many don't have modern refrigerators or even electricity.

As a solution, rural clay worker Mansukhbhai Prajapati invented a new kind of refrigerator called the MittiCool. This simple fridge is made from a type of clay with excellent insulating effects, and it doesn't require electricity. Instead, it's cooled through the evaporation of water that is held in the top tank. The MittiCool fridge can keep milk, fruit, and vegetables fresh for up to five days. Better yet, it's cheap and environmentally friendly.

Prajapati's idea was so successful that he's now making other clay kitchen items such as pans, pressure cookers, and water filters. There are even plans to produce a MittiCool house that doesn't require air conditioning! As Prajapati has shown, despite more advanced technology, simple methods can be used to solve modern problems. 


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